Hello I'm Nisa! I draw things, mainly fanarts of FFVI and other fandoms i'm currently into and will post them here if I think they're not too embarrassing to be displayed publicly. I may also post other random and personal stuff. More about me in uhh about me ^^

You can also find me on My Pixiv.

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。◕‿◕。 I draw stuff k

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the most awkward thing in the world is when a stranger standing next to you on a train accidentally(i hope) elbowed your boob… and it is a long journey

Can’t wait for next month so I’ll be free again. Way too busy to complete any drawing right now. But I’m still here to look at things on my dash..

Art References: 30 Day Art Challenge: Draw all the things


My first challenge, Improvement Hell, was a way to inspire people to draw different things different ways, drawing outside their comfort zone, and most of all to draw every day. I had a few people ask for a follow up. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the sequel: Draw All The…

i’m gonna keep lying to myself and say I will do this lol

Sabin Figaro for FFVI Art jam ^^

Finally got around to finish this. I was swamped with works this month u__u

ahh i have a paintball tournament tomorrow.. and need to take a train passing 20 stations to get there OTL

I guess I’ll just sleep on the train (and hope i won’t miss the station!!!) 

you probably thought it was decemeber cause i think i read somewhere that cloud and aerith met in that month or something. This is so cute :>

ahh really they met in December? :D :D I didn’t know that, well I hope it’s true <333  Thank you :33 

I took my tablet for a repair. Luckily there’s nothing wrong and they just gave me a new cable. Turned out the one i used to replace the damaged cable didn’t fit perfectly into the socket so it was a little loose, that’s why the tablet kept turning on and off (the pin has some really tiny pattern that’s different from the tablet’s usb pin). It was a huge relief though :DDDD yayy now it’s time to get back to drawing again!! I wanna do the otp meme

Ohh my Chesnaught affection is already full! I didn’t realized it. Must be all the Poke puff I stuffed him. No wonder he’s so good at evading status attacks. I have a bad habit of paying too much attention to my starter pokemon. I thought I would try to be fairer in this game but it didn’t happened.  


I never post a WIP before because it’s kinda embarassing to let people see my messy work.. but I haven’t post any drawing in a while because

1. my tablet is driving me nuts. I can’t draw properly with it turning on and off >______< 

2. POKEMON X duhhh 

So yep this all I got at the moment. It’s Sabin I’m working on for FFVI Art jam 


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THIS, this totally reminds me of that one time when my dad commented on my mom’s interest in Sci-fi novel as childish and how she should read something more “logical” and “realistic”, and she replied “If I want to read about real life, there’s newspaper for that”. I gave her a high five afterward! My dad can be such a pain sometimes with his whole “grown up should do grown up things” attitude. He always push me to draw realistic too and always condemn anime style :/

my tablet is going crazy..ever since it fell off the table. The USB pin was damaged. I’ve changed the cable but it still keeps turning on and off sometimes (T___T)